Full Version: Analytics from the Young Harris game.
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Haase used 21 lineups in the young Harris game. 9 lineups had a positive plus/minus number. Five had no effect. And 7 had a negative plus/minus number. However the positive lineups were in the game for 24.5 minutes and the negative lineups were in the game for 9.5 minutes.

The starting lineup of Washington, Mehinti, Baxter, Norton and Brown played the most minutes (10.5 minutes) and had the best positive effect, +10, meaning the team scored 10 more points than the opponent when the starters were on the court. That number should be higher in a game like this.

The second most effective lineup was the same lineup except Cokley replacing Mehinti. This lineup played 5.5 minutes and had a +5 plus/minus number.

The worst lineup was Sullivan, Cokley, Calhoun, Norton and Brown. This lineup played only one two minute stretch and Young Harris outscored us by 7 during that stretch. I think this was right after we took our biggest lead of 20 and they hit a couple of threes.

Individually, all but three players had positive plus/minus numbers led by Washington at +16 and Baxter at +15. Mehinti was +14. The negative impact players were Calhoun and Sullivan at -6 and Collins (who barely played) at -2.
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