Full Version: 25 years ago today
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[Image: berlin-wall-coming-down.jpeg]
Watched it live on TV as a kid. Those were amazing days. A year later on Christmas Night I watched the Soviet Union disappear on live TV too.
Reagan's Brandenburg Gate speech was on the same day I graduated high school.
It doesn't happen very often in this world, but every now and then, the forces of evil really can be turned back. The Berlin Wall was built and maintained by such forces, and its crumbling was truly a moment to savor.
Twenty five years ago today, Elvis would have been 55 and one day old.

the "tear down this wall" phrase was the subject of INTENSE debate within the State Dept. and CIA before Reagan went to Germany. All the self-anointed "clever" people thought that saying those words would be a bad idea. Thank God we had a president at that time with the wisdom to ignore the self-anointed "clever" people.
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