Full Version: Duke vs Pittsburgh football
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Duke 51
Pitt 48

Final. 2ot

You guys have a good football team at Duke right now.

The whole game I was thinking that our offense would putter out before you guys did. It didn't quite happen that way in regulation, but after the deflating missed FG the game was yours to win and you seized the opportunity.

Good win, Duke. Good win!
It's been a long time. I've been a Duke football fan...season ticket holder when we went 0-22 back to back seasons. And now I was there when we became bowl eligible against UNC three years ago and upset ranked Miami last year to win the division. Feels good tohsve been on the wagon the whole time and not just be jumping on now that they are winning
My impression is that you guys are a well coached team. That is the type of thing that allows for sustained success in college football. Enjoy it!
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