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I don't know about the rest of you but, this is the year USF has to do something to regain the national spot light. If we don't then we face the real fact that we may be left out entirely from the Top Conferences in Football.

IMHO: The American can become one of the Big Five Conferences but, the Big 12 must crumble for that to occure. In my scenario, UT, Tex Tch, OK and OK St. leave for the Pac 12 and then the dominos start to fall.

1; OK, OK State, UT and Tex Tech to Pac 16.
2; UConn and KU to B1G.
3; WVU to ACC (as bridge for UofL).
4; K State and Baylor to SEC (I honestly don't see them taking Iowa State so Baylor is the next best option).
5; AFA, BYU, UNLV, SDSU and Fresno St. to the American.
6; ND is identified as the 16th member of the ACC.

This will leave 80 teams in the Big Five Conferences and there will be no possible tweener conferences left as the Raid by the American on the MWC will have taken their top markets.

This will be the result of Realignment Armagedon. Again it's Just My Humble Opinion. 04-cheers

Even without that happening, USF needs to do something this year. 07-coffee3
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