Full Version: New UAB Athletic Director's Honor Roll wall
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Check out the new Athletic Director's Honor Roll wall in Bell! Pretty cool right, @BrianMackin #UAB #StudentAthletes

[Image: BpTfkEUCAAA1E9s.jpg]
We have a New Athletic Director ? Who is it ?
Like our marketing intern doesn't have enough to do already.
While the mktg intern may have much to do, I see little done by the mktg dept as a whole
I don't know that the redesign of a wall of honor has anything to do with the marketing department.

But don't let yah stop anyone from trashing.

By the way, the wall looks good.
Let's just hope it stays a lot fuller than UTEP's Wall of Academic Excellence:
[Image: 184932_679464830076_8117101_n.jpg]
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