Full Version: CUSA Backwards Football Countdown * Vote today!
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Coming Soon * the CUSA Backwards Football Countdown * Vote today

CUSA Backwards Football Countdown, Monday June 23 - July 5, 2014

We plan to start our preseason backwards countdown ranking for CUSA this month (Survey rank OVERALL * 1-13). We have created a blind survey for all to participate in. If you have ever wanted to play the role of Nostradamus and predict the order of finish for CUSA football, now is your chance. We will post the results on ODU Fan Forums blog (July 5). Everyone is invited to participate and predict the order of finish. The CUSA feature will start Monday June 23, first with the “Backwards Countdown division order”, East (7-1), followed by the West (6-1). We will post/reveal the “OVERALL RANK” July 5 Top to Bottom 1- 13 on July 5.

*The survey starts NOW will end Sat. June 21 9:00 pm vote today.

It’s fast, easy and takes just a moment.

Here is the link to take the survey: CUSA Rank: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PSSBY6C

Please take the survey “Branding the New Poll” …. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J32C32W

Become a pollster for our weekly Top 25 Poll (starts Aug.) link for more information…. http://philliptbsh3.wordpress.com/great-...poll-2014/


Don’t forget to vote on the preseason prediction survey for the order of CUSA football 2014. Link below!

Coming Soon * the CUSA Backwards Football Countdown * Vote today http://wp.me/p4wbqJ-oS

The Gridirons Great G5’s of 2014 (TOP 25) Introducing # 5 http://wp.me/p4wbqJ-pr

MAC EAST Preseason Backwards Countdown 2014 # 1 http://wp.me/p4wbqJ-ph
Thanks everyone for your help.

Here are the two finalist for the NEW TOP 25 POLL select the one you like best.

# 3 from the survey “The Group of Five Top 25 College Football Poll”

# 8 from the survey “The CAMMS Top 25 College Football Poll”

Please review the two front runners and vote for a winner!.

The Run Off” ** Branding the New Poll for the five conferences! http://wp.me/p4wbqJ-vb

The Run-Off survey will end this Sat June 14, 2014 at 9:00 pm.

Thanks for participating.
Nice rankings, but can you call us UTSA? No one around these parts is a fan of Texas-San Antonio.
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