Full Version: Historic Meltdown Complete
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Sad news on the Mercer baseball front today. They were the first team left out of the NCAA Tournament. In my opinion it was justified. I don't think I would have put them in either. The one things that leaves a bad taste in my mouth? The final team in was UC Irvine from the Big West...The head of the NCAA Selection Committee is the Big West commissioner.

I really feel for the players, it's gotta be tough to take. Thanks to them for the great season (and seasons past). Gotta win with class, and lose with the same.

The one player I really feel for is Nyquist (Starting Pitcher that made 1st team ALL-ASUN). Our only pitcher on the 1st team and he was not used in the A-Sun Tourney until a token appearance when the 2nd game was all but over. Now, it's easy to second guess decisions after the fact, but this is one that adds to the legend of the meltdown. He allowed a .224 opponent batting average, while the two starters used allowed roughly a .285 and .305 opponent average.

The bottom line is it's now history. Thank you again to the players, you gave it all you had and deserved better.
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