Full Version: 2014 Nationals Season
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Season opening against the Mets today! The Mets look like they are going to suck, like usual. Dillon Gee vs. Strasburg.....clearly they are bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Now that Medlen is out for the Braves it looks like it should be NL East champs or bust for the Nats.

Let's go Nats and hope all the clowns who move to the area for jobs get fired and have to move back home so they can't snag tickets and support their own $hitty teams at Nats park!
Right now they are tied at 4 at the top of the 8th. How long is Fister going to be out?
Top 9, Span hits a nice base hit to tie the game at 5. Top of the 10, Werth scores off a fly out by Desmond. Rendon hits a 3 run homer. Opening day score is Nats 9, Mets 5.
Also Ramos was injured in this game, could be significant.
Nats win game 1 9-7 in 10 innings.
I almost feel bad for Mets fans...almost.
So they are off today, but play the Mets two more times before the Nats home opener on Friday.
The Mets are going to be atrocious.
I don't think we can really gauge anything about the Nats yet. I have a feeling that they are a top 5 team and are focused after last year's disappointment...I also think the Mets really, really suck though.

Trying to stay grounded here, considering the Nats started 6-1 last year.
Harper seems a little off in the Mets series. I hope he picks it up at home verse Atlanta.
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