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..61-38. Cuse big guy dunking on Whittington repeatedly.

12 seed Harvard beats Cincy.
Was thinking, I would hate to see what Syracuse would have done to the Rockets, or the rest of the MAC for that matter.
Ironically the Cuse lost to BC and UT hung with a Kansas team that has tremendous talent.
WMU was a bad match-up for Syracuse. Syracuse tumbled to end the year, but they have a very good team. If they didn't lose to NC State in their first ACC game (after the bye), they probably would have been a 2-seed and State would have probably played in the NIT last night. I was hoping WMU would get a 13-seed and have a chance, but this was a tough scenario for them.
MAC teams need to be competitive during those rare times when they are front and center. If they appear mismatched, it reinforces selection bias and makes it even less likely that at large bids are forthcoming.
But--in defense of the MAC, if WMU had been seeded just a spot or two higher (and arguably the same for Toledo in the NIT), both teams may have won a first-round game. We just get crap seeds.
Definitely doesn't help the MAC...and we're already in the shitter, it seems like. I would have liked to have seen our MAC champs at least be somewhat competitive in the Big Dance. Syracuse literally controlled the entire game. But let's be honest, Toledo probably would have lost by 40.
At least Ohio has won a game in the CIT...or is it the CIB...oh well.
That's quite a smackdown. Glad it wasn't us.
Basketball is a game of matchups and sometimes it is not a good fit. Syracuse was a tough one for wmu. Totally agree if they get seeded slightly better it could have been a good day. Wmu could beat many of the teams in the tourney. Just not a good opening pairing for anyone. I think Syracuse is on a mission.
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