Full Version: NFL Playoffs
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Excellent game between the Chiefs and the Colts earlier. Good game so far for the Saints and Eagles.

I'm not sure who on here runs the Start Wearing Purple Blog account on Twitter but I hope my 9ers shut you up tomorrow. ;-)

Who do you think will win it all?
Wished I had watch the game. Totally forgot about the games.
4 teams left. San Francisco vs Seattle and New England vs Denver.

My picks are Seattle and Denver with Seattle winning it all.
As a 49ers fan I can't stand the Seahawks. Should they win Sunday, I hope whoever the ARC champion is crushes them in the Super Bowl.
A few bad calls against the 49er's but in the end it came down to poor decision making by the QB and good CB play.
The 49ers had that game won. There certainly were some terrible calls in that game, but the team just didn't execute in the 4th quarter.

I hope Manning puts up 8 touchdowns on the Seahawks.
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