Full Version: 2013 Coaches salaries.
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May have been posted before, but I just find it interesting how much the coach's salaries and staff's salaries are SO far apart depending on the school!


Quote:Though details of the agreement were vague, ideally Clemson’s compensation to the coaching staff would place the program among the top 10 nationally, according to a member of the Clemson Board of Trustees. With more than $4.2 million already committed to assistants, Swinney could be in line for an initial bump from the current $2.2 million annually to a range of $3 million to $3.5 million.

Though he certainly would agree his salary should be reflective of the school’s commitment to the program, Swinney said the scope of a new contract must also include further compensation to staff and solidify the promise of state-of-the-art facilities for the team and the fans.

Also, Swinney has championed incentives, such as the impact of a second ACC championship in a much more competitive league, and strengthening the bonus structure for academic progress scores and graduation rates.

Quote:Among the factors that motivate Swinney to invest himself deeper is the wish that his sons finish high school in Clemson, which would be in about eight years.
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