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If Kevin Sumlin were to leave after this season to either another school or an NFL team, who would be your pick to replace him?

Mike Leach has began turning the Washington St program around, I would think he jump at the chance to return to the state of Texas of though.

Mike Gundy never seems to be happy at OSU. The last Oklahoma State coach that moved to the SEC seems to be doing pretty well.

How about Bobby Petrino?

Would you rather go after more of a defensive coach instead of an offensive minded coach? Take a chance on an unproven offensive or defensive coordinator? Could Kirby Smart be pulled from Alabama? John Chavis from LSU?
Good question. I have my doubts that Kirby Smart is going anywhere. He seems to be the heir apparent at Alabama. TAMU is not in a position to have to take a flyer on Petrino or Leach. I really don't see a match for any current SEC coach to go to TAMU. All of the coaches that TAMU would want are not leaving their program, and the ones that would leave are the ones that TAMU would not want (a solution to the rape trial at Vandy would put James Franklin as a possibility). Their best bet is to find a coach that has SEC ties and/or wants to get here, similar to Bielema. TAMU is a top 10 job; it will be hard for anyone without a hefty buyout or in a similar situation to turn down. It will be easier to say who definitely would not take the job:

David Shaw
Mark Helfrich
Mike Riley

Big 12
Bob Stoops
Bill Snyder

Big 10
Urban Meyer
Kirk Ferentz
Pat Fitzgerald
Brady Hoke
Bill O'Brien

Al Golden
Jimbo Fisher
Dabo Swinney
Frank Beamer
Brian Kelly

Nick Saban
Les Miles
Mark Richt
Steve Spurrier
Butch Jones
Brett Bielema (sweetheart contract)
Hugh Freeze
Gary Pinkel
ya'll can have David Bailiff cheap!
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