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Patriots and Colonials to Battle Over Bronze Tri-Cornered Hat
[Image: tricornertrophy1013a.jpg]

The Tri-Corner Hat Trophy will be awarded based on a point system with points given to the victor in each of the 16 A-10 sports in which the schools compete.

In men’s and women’s soccer a point will be given to the head-to-head winner with GW and Mason splitting the point if the teams tie.

In men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s tennis, lacrosse and volleyball the head-to-head winner will be awarded a point in the Tri-Corner Hat Trophy standings.

The series winner in baseball and softball will earn a point, while in men’s and women’s cross country, golf, women’s rowing and men’s and women’s swimming, the university that finishes higher in the Atlantic 10 Championships will earn a point.

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