Full Version: Offseason plus 2014 poss line up
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AJ Burnett
John Buck
Justin Morneau

Option year
Wandy Rodriquez

Marte and Walker: I know both were bad down the stretch, but I think they played an integral role in helping the Pirates get to the spot they were in. Both are very young and worth keeping around for the long term.

Pedro: Sign him to a similar or better deal than Cutch. Even though he's extremely streaky, you need his bad for the next 6-7 years. Don't let him get to arbitration, sign him NOW!!!!!!!!!

Byrd, Morneau, Gabby, Jones, Snider and Lambo: I'd try to keep Byrd around if the price is right. Somewhere in the ballpark of $10-12M is very reasonable if you asked me. I'd thank Morneau for his leadership but he didn't get the job done here. I don't know if I'd offer him a deal unless it was in the 8-10M range, but he's giving you the same thing as Jones at 1B. I've seen enough of Gabby and Snider to say that they're just not good MLB ballplayers, not even coming off the bench. I'd prefer to see Jones in a bench role. Now, Lambo is an interesting guy. I don't know if he'll ever pan out, but he's worth giving a chance at 1B. I'd sent him to winter ball and work him out, and give him two months to see what he can do. I wouldn't care if Snider and Gabby are DFA'd tomorrow, I don't want to see either in my lineup next year. Keeping Byrd has one more benefit and that's there wouldn't be a need to rush Polanco up.

Catchers: I'm OK with letting Buck go. I felt he played his role quite well, but I'm fine w/ Martin, the Fort, and Sanchez as the catchers in 2014. The Fort is still young and I'd like to keep him around to back up Sanchez in 15 and beyond.

SS: This is a position that needs a significant upgrade. I don't know if there are any SS's in the open market, but its worth trying to grab one. I wouldn't mind seeing Mercer as the starting SS. But the issue is who would be backing him up? SS is so bad that keeping Barmes around isn't a bad idea.

Pitchers: Keeping or not keeping AJ will be the story. I'd at least offer him something. He's definitely worth 10M. I don't know much about Wandy w/ his arthritis issue. Maybe trade him, I don't know. If he's good to go, of course I'd keep him. I really don't know what to do with him. Is Mcdonald worth a shot again, or how bout Cumpton? I think going into the year a rotation of: Liriano, AJ, Cole, Morton, and Wandy would be ideal. But I tend to think it'll look like this: Liriano, Cole, Morton, Locke, and AJ/Wandy/Cumpton/Gomez. As for the SharkTank, I'd try to keep it together as much as humanly possible. I don't know who's a free agent or not here.

1 LF Marte
2 2B: Walker
3 CF: McCutchen
4 3B: Alverez
5 RB: Byrd/Jones
6 1B: Lambo/Jones
7 C: Martin/Sanchez/ Fort
8 SS: Mercer/Barmes
9: P: Open

Opening Day Starter: Cole
2 Liriano
3 Locke
4 Wandy
5 Morton
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