Full Version: so what do you guys think?
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How long will it take to fix this? What makes me upset about it, it doesn't look like our D is even trying.
This season is a wash.

Next season we will start to get some of pieces to fall into place. Better recruits. Recruits that are suited to what the coaches want to do.

Then in year three we will start to see things get better and possibly have a winning season.

I don't think that is what the casual or bandwagon fan wants to hear but I think that is reality.
I think Kugler is a good hire.

I think his Offense is doing fine.

But defense is way off. I didn't expect a cure-all in season one. But I also didn't expect the defensive players to be so weak on basic things like tackling, and aiming high on their tackles, etc.

What I do expect next year, is that with Kugler's experience, our O and D Lines will be improved.
PS- Worried about how bad the ath-rape will be by TX A&M.
I think Kugs will have a good team by year three.

The problem I see is that he wants to run a smash mouth offense but that requires a good defense.

If you know your defense is going to be bad, you've got to score more points.

Denver Broncos style.
Not sure what you've seen to lead you to believe that.... But it's right along the lines of your usual posting patters- they have no basis.
Stay the course. Continue to work on the fundamentals and play whomever busts their ass regardless of skill. I might be wrong but it seems like there are a high number of juco offers already. It will be interesting to see how many sign and if recruiting with an emphasis on high school players will become the long term strategy.
At this point would you be willing to give Kugler a forth season?
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