Full Version: WMU-UT game thread
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Homecoming at the Glass Bowl.
Dozens of people are here...03-banghead
Throw back helmets
Rockets win the toss and defer. Broncos will start the game with the ball.
And Midnight Blue uniforms
Good look for them out there.

And good coverage on the return. Broncos start on their own 18. And Western commits a delay of game penalty on the first play from scrimmage.
Broncos get a first down on 3rd and long. Not good.
1st and 10 at about the Western 40.
Great start O!!!
7-0 with 12:34 left.
Is Detmer kicking into the wind?
Haven't heard anything about the wind.

UT D gets another stop. Rockets starting at around their own 15 after the punt.
TO on the option....hmmmm
Saw the flag and i's blowing out of the south. Explains his kicks going to the goal line. Good coverage by the kickoff team.
Air game clicking.
Sitting in a suite for first time at the game pretty exciting
Flu sets up a first and goal.
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