Full Version: Imagine that, to$u's Bradley Roby has charge reduced
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Bradley Roby has charge reduced

Updated: August 16, 2013, 1:53 PM ET
By Austin Ward | BuckeyeNation

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A charge against Ohio State star cornerback Bradley Roby has been reduced, perhaps clearing the way for the redshirt junior to avoid missing any game action after an off-field incident last month.

According to court records, a motion to amend the battery charge filed against Roby for a bar incident in Bloomington, Ind., was made on Friday, changing the Class A misdemeanor to a Class B offense for disorderly conduct.

Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer has not announced any official discipline for the returning ESPN.com first-team All-American, but based on precedent, the starter and critical member of the nation's second-ranked team may not face any loss of playing time.

Before Meyer's first season with the program, Ohio State veterans Jack Mewhort and Jake Stoneburner both pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges for offseason arrests, and after losing their scholarships during the summer, neither missed a game due to suspension.

"Just still waiting to find out all the information," Meyer said of Roby earlier this month. "I can't tell you what [the timetable] is, because I'm just waiting to get the word what it is."

The discussion about Roby has now changed because of the lesser charges, although the Buckeyes have practiced at times this month as though they could be without the lockdown defender when the season opens against Buffalo on Aug. 31.

Roby has been taking second-team reps on defense during training camp, at least temporarily having his starting job taken away while an investigation into allegations that he struck a security guard at a bar on July 21 continued.

Roby is scheduled for a pretrial conference on Aug. 26.

That's the way things work up here.
(08-18-2013 06:50 PM)Billy_Bearcat Wrote: [ -> ]That's the way things work up here.

I love UC, but no UC fan should be casting stones about players getting easy treatment at other schools like OSU.

How many of Huggins's player got multiple chances and reduced charges during his time here?
It happens at every school. And it is not only athletes.

Why ruin a kids life for one bad, snap decision. Slap him on the wrist and let him learn from it. If he does it again, throw the book at him.
What is amusing though is the condescending attitude of many OSU fans toward SEC schools for academic issues and player problems. You can't have it both ways. If Urban's issues at Florida foreshadow his tenure @ OSU he'll make Tressel look like a choir boy.
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