Full Version: New League, New Court, New Uniforms
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It’s safe to say at this point that all Mason fans know that next season will be our first in the Atlantic 10. It’s also safe to say that most fans have heard that Mason will have a newly designed court next season for their first year in the Atlantic 10. While details of the new court have been kept under wraps, masonhoops.com learned today that new uniforms will also be on the list for the 2013-14 season.
[Image: newgreen2.png]
[Image: newwhite2.png]
[Image: newyellow2.png]

Looks as though the Patriot Center floor redesign is finished. GoMason.com has a time-lapse video of the process. The end result doesn’t look all that different, certainly not as flashy and as innovative as a lot of other schools have been doing. However it is nice to see that A-10 logo by the foul line
[Image: masonfloor913a-slider-644x320.jpg]

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