Full Version: Reynolds Coliseum renovations
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Capacity was as high as 14,000. When the men moved out they no longer set up the bleachers behind the goals so capacity dropped to ~8,000. With this renovation ~1/3 of the building will be converted to hall of fame, offices, etc. Capacity will drop to ~6,000.

After 70 years, Reynolds will finally have air conditioning.

Estimated cost is $40 million.

what is the building used for now?
(08-10-2013 05:41 AM)Hokie Mark Wrote: [ -> ]what is the building used for now?

Womens basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. Sometimes Mens wrestling. I believe the rifle teams practice in the basement. Mens basketball occasionally has a "throw back" game there.

Some HS events are held there as well. The Holiday Festival (Christmas HS basketball) was there for a while. Attendance was down so it hasn't been there in a few years. 2 HS boys basketball teams played there once and put ~10k in the seats. They had to lower the price from $6 to $5 because they ran out of $1 bills.

The university also uses it for other things - science fair, concerts, orientation, graduation, etc. They have occasionally rented it out for public use. They can set it up for anywhere from 2500 - 9000 seats.

There are a number of offices. I think ROTC is the major tenant.
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