Full Version: A Limited Number of 2013 Blazer Club Football Season Tickets Remain
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This is a great opportunity to get involved in increasing the booster count that we need.

$725 each which includes the donation.


I know a lot of us like to gripe and complain about things and here is another chance for us to do something about improving UAB's position. Join Blazer Club.

If that is a little too steep for you right now contact me about joining Blazer Boosters for as little as $100.00 a year and it can be taken out in monthly installments.

If you join through me I might can send you a small prize. If not me then use another Blazer Booster. The important thing is stepping up to the plate and being a part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem.

04-cheers Go Blazers

August 31, The Sack of Troy 2013! Be there!
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