Full Version: Zoinks! 6 people out to start season
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<a href='http://www.ajc.com/uga/content/sports/uga/0804/10gafoot.html' target='_blank'>3 suspensions, 3 injuries</a>

Player Pos. Games
Odell Thurman LB 3
Jeremy Thomas FB 2
Gordon Ely-Kelso P 1

Player Pos. Injury
Tony Taylor LB knee
Marcus Jackson DE blood clot
Bartley Miller OG shoulder

Quote:It was also learned that reserve defensive back Mike Gilliam, along with two other men not on the football team, was charged with criminal trespass July 1 for driving and damaging a university-owned vehicle located in a parking lot at a local hazardous materials facility. Richt, according to team spokesman Claude Felton, was aware of Gilliam's arrest but said he would reserve judgment until further investigation.
Our players are idiots. Morons.
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