Full Version: UCF in Hunt for Artavis Scott per OS etc
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Would be a HUGE pickup. Been seeing him play for years (along with Pete)
Real quality talent.

"One of the top UCF targets, East Lake’s four-star receiver Artavis Scott, will announce his college decision next week at ESPN’s “The Opening,” held at the Nike campus in Oregon.

The timeframe for Scott’s decision was fast-tracked considerably from his previous plan, and there has been plenty of speculation about where the game-breaking receiver may land. Many recruiting sites have pegged Clemson as the landing spot for Scott, who is ranked No. 81 in the country by Rivals.com.

The feeling around UCF, however, is that the Knights are very much in the hunt to land the Tampa-area star.

Scott is best friends with UCF freshman quarterback Pete DiNovo, his former teammate at East Lake. DiNovo has spent all weekend with his favorite high school target, according to their Twitter accounts. Scott also has not been shy about promoting his affinity for UCF. He has worn the school’s gear to non-affiliated camps and has been a regular on the campus and around the football facilities.

It may be as close as 50-50 between UCF and Clemson, coin-flip odds that should have UCF fans holding their breath when Scott announces his decision."

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We never seem to land the big ones, but if we did it'd be a coup. As long as we develop players I don't mind the three stars. Personally, I believe that the big things that Stansbury is doing will lend itself to recruiting. It's really up to the staff to compete.
DiNovo will do well, and if Scott thinks he has a good chance at beating out Bortles/Holman after next year, I'm sure he'll be swayed to once again play receiver with someone he already has Chemistry with.
Man if we land scott, hopefully that persuades Kyle Gibson and George Campbell too...
(07-01-2013 04:53 PM)Kruciff Wrote: [ -> ]Man if we land scott, hopefully that persuades Kyle Gibson and George Campbell too...

Campbell huge longshot. I've watched ELHS several times in person. Pete, Tay, & George all great players.

New Screntinel piece up, but can't link to it. Pete said something to the effect of it will surprise some. C'mon Tay!
Getting tired of these moral victories. We can't build quality teams expecting all of them to be diamonds in the rough... even highly rated recruits are diamonds in the rough when you think about it... just more diamond than rough...
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