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Hey - we're heading to Hog Country again for the Bama-Hogs game. Section 509-Row7. You gonna be around for that one?
You know it.. I live in Fayetteville, so I got season tickets.

Sec. 509... you're right smack in the upper deck, near the endzone. However, I can say that there isn't a bad seat in Razorback Stadium. You need any info on places to stay, where to go in F'ville, anything on that, let me know. Fayetteville has grown a ton lately...if you were here 2 yrs. ago, you'll see a lot of different things.

Yeah, I know i'm in the upper deck - but I've been in the west upper deck for both other visits so i know how fan-friendly the place is. The east upper deck will at least be a change of scenery. I had been trying to get some tix on e-bay in the bama section (112) but kept getting outbid and the UArk ticket office only had singles left in the lower sections, and i need 4 - so those were the best left.

We're wanted to try to get the same parking lot as last time - if still available. Maybe you can help me. If you're leaving RRS from the west side heading north up Razorback Road, take the first left (W Maple according to yahoo maps) before you would be going up the steep part of the road up to those dorms. There was a 2-lot size field on the left just before the dead end - Is that still available? Or do you have a better suggestion?
Well.. if you went north on Razorback and turned left on Maple, you'd end up going up a steep hill past the Alumni House and up into a neighborhood. North of the stadium though has lost all the fields.. 7 or 8 parking lots back then are now the home of four new residence halls and the new Pat Walker Health Center.

The best parking you'll get north, nearest where you last parked, is the lot by Leverett Elementary (right across from Hotz Hall and the UA campus border), but it's $5 a spot. Where I usually park are the lots behind the Kappa Kappa Gamma 04-drinky house. It's about a 5 minute walk to the stadium from there, and parking is free. If you want to find the lots, on Yahoo! maps, the Kappa house is on the corner of Maple and Leverett, and there are 3 lots (north and east) of the house. Otherwise, I'd park alongside Arkansas Avenue, near the Inn at Carnall Hall, or out by Baum Stadium (picture below of Baum Stadium) and take a Razorback Transit bus to the stadium.

[Image: baum1.jpg]

Also, have to warn you.. on the way up...leave an extra hour earlier than you planned. I-40 still has construction zones... not nearly as bad as before..but I would guess they have 2-3 zones in between Little Rock and Alma (where I-540 meets I-40). Definitely fill up for gas in Alma if you can...it's almost 10 cents cheaper than in Fayetteville.

You will really be surprised at what all has popped up in the last two years here. Since Sept. 2002, that I can remember, Fayetteville so far has the following new stuff...

*New stores/restaurants: Target came in right along the last time UA and Bama played here, along with a new Olive Garden and Red Robin (gourmet burger joint). Logan's Roadhouse is opening shortly, and Fuddrucker's is building. Ruby Tuesday's opened right alongside 6th Street. Two Starbucks are in the process of being built, and there is a Walgreen's now about every mile on College Avenue. You'll also find scores of new hotels all around the area at each exit, and more are coming.
*New flights - You'll see a lot of planes flying over the UA campus, including during the game, as Fayetteville now has direct flights to 12 major US cities, with city #13 (Detroit via Northwest) coming in October.
*New buildings all over UA - Since the last time the Tide played at RRS, the UA has 7 new buildings on campus, including 5 new residence halls, the Walker Health Center, and the Inn at Carnall Hall, the first on-campus hotel at UA, run by the UA's school of hospitality. Enrollment has increased by over 2,500 students, so parking is very very scarce, and no doubt you'll notice the 8 story parking deck alongside Dickson Street.
*Dickson St. renovation - Very similar to the renovations on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. Dickson St. is loaded with lights, each crosswalk and intersection is bricked, and trees dot the sidewalks all along the way. The corner of Dickson and Arkansas Avenue is impressive, where it's bricked with a Razorback carved into the intersection. Really cool to notice.

Anyways, any more questions, let me know.
"Well.. if you went north on Razorback and turned left on Maple, you'd end up going up a steep hill past the Alumni House and up into a neighborhood."

That sounds right - it was about half-a-block past the alumni house (which i thought was a greek house) on the opposite side of the street.

We'll be headin to Bentonville on friday and staying the night there - one of my crew has an old college bud there - so i'll be outta the I40 mess on gameday. BTW, all that construction was a real problem 2 years ago. At one point we had to get on US 64 from about halfway between Conway and Russellville all the way to Clarksville.

As for TV, i'm guessing we'll be the 11:30 JP game (maybe the 6:45 ESPN), but who knows. Other SEC action that day includes:
AU v Citadel
MSU @ LSU - i'm guessing this will be the CBS game
Ole Miss @ WYO
SC vs Troy
TN v LaTech
Vandy @ Navy

Thanx for all the tips - I can't wait.
As of right now.. kickoff is 6:00 pm. The guess around here mostly is that ESPN2 is the most likely to pick it up and move the game to 7:00 pm. I'd bet Kentucky-Florida gets the JP call.

I hope it's not a JP game. UA loves to play night games.. and I love going to 'em as well. Spend all day tailgating and watching football, then going to the stadium to watch the Hogs...that's definitely my fave way to spend a football Saturday.


PS - $20 says your friend's college bud in Bentonville works for Wal-Mart...or a vendor for Wal-Mart. Enjoy your time in B'ville, the new sugar crazed capital of Arkansas (new Krispy Kreme and Starbucks there). If you got time, check out two golf courses: Pinnacle in Rogers (I-540 S at Exit 83) which will host a LPGA event next fall, and Clear Creek in Johnson (I-540 at Exit 69) which is UA's new golf home and Robert Trent Jones's latest course.
I love night games myself, but i really have no preference for this one - we have to leave after the game anyway so a JP game would mean an easier ride back home. But I'm starting to think we'll be the ESPN game as well.

I'm trying to find out if he works for Wal-Mart or not (but you ain't gettin' $20 out of me if he does) :)

On Gamedays, is traffic worse heading in from Little Rock or south from the Bentonville area, or about the same? I know after the game last time, 540 was bumper to bumper all the way to I40, and it took almost an hour just to get off campus.
Traffic is much worse going south to Little Rock after the game then north to Bentonville. The Bentonville-Fayetteville route is only 20 miles and is very easy travel. If I-540 gets too cramped for your liking, there are two N/S bypasses you can take to Bentonville, which are AR 112 and US 71B. It's not a bad trip at all. I do warn you though, the football team stays in Bentonville on Friday night, so be aware of when you travel that, for the 3 hr. window before the game, that you'll see a full police escort and sirens everywhere leading the Razorbacks down I-540.
Give the man a ceegar....

Quote from my fellow Hog-land-bound Tider:

yeah, he works for Walmart. He lived in Ttown for years and got like 2
degrees. Delivered at Papa Johns, even when he worked at a nice job like
Walmart ... a workaholic I guess.
If you're in Bentonville... 95% of the people there work for Wal-Mart, or a vendor for Wal-Mart. You'll actually be amazed at all the companies with offices there... check out the gigantic offices that Newell Rubbermaid built out there..incredible.
Got my tix in the mail 2 days ago so we're official! Let the countdown begin

Good luck vs NM St and the Horns. (and every game exept Sept 25 for that matter)
Thanks, same to you guys against Utah State

This game with NM State is gonna tell a lot early about this team, and more importantly, get the kinks out before the game with the retarded cows. The hope is that our new WR depth is finally gonna open up this offense and really give Matt Jones a ton of options..the more options he has..the more dangerous our offense can be.

We've got a ton of new blood at WR also. We have 1 receiver with a catch in a college game - Tyrone Prothro - although Soph Brandon Brooks did have a kick return for a TD against cow college (the alabama version) last year. All of the freshmen, Prothro, and Soph Matt Caddell have had a really good fall camp. We also have a freshman starting in the defensive backfield - Simeon Castille (Tim Castille's little brother). He'll be starting out as a nickle back, but i'm betting he'll be a starting corner by Game 3. Strength of the team should be the linebackers and decent stable of running backs.
You sound almost as young as we do. Matt Jones is our only starter returning on offense. The good news is that most of the players have had some experience before, as HDN throws in a lot of people during a game. DeCori Birmingham and DeArrius Howard will run the TB, but watch out for freshman Peyton Hillis. This guy is 6'2'', 220, and just smashes lineman to death. Last year at Conway HS he averaged 11 yds a carry and set a state record with 47 rushing TDs in a season, and Bob Stoops wanted him really bad...he'll start at fullback by the time you guys play us. He's already projected to field punts for us.

WRs have good depth this year. Steven Harris will start on one end and Carlos Ousley on the other, but keep your eyes on three receivers who will be good this year and in 2 yrs. will be unreal: Chris Baker, who has 4.26 speed on grass, and who knows how good on turf, Anthony Brown, a 6-6 JC transfer, and Marcus Monk, a 6-6 freshman who will also play hoops for us. Monk's vertical leap is so good, plus he's got great hands, so the thoughts of many are that he'll come in on a lot of 3rd down plays and just catch lobs from Matt Jones all day long. OL is all new, but all of them have experience which is better than nothing. The key OL will probably be Zac Tubbs, the 358 lb mammoth from Cullman, AL, who took over Shawn Andrews's spot in the bowl game vs. Missouri. Jones is expected to pass a lot this year, so protecting the pass will be essential for this team.

Defensively, the line is strong. Tracy Rocker's done a helluva job with these guys. All of them return, and the DL is bigger than I've ever seen with good speed. They'll be the anchor of the team, trying to stop the run. LBs are in pretty good shape. It's the secondary that is the key concern. We lost everybody there from last year, and soph. Michael Coe has to lead a young freshman group on the field, so I expect a lot of teams to throw deep on us looking for the strike on our very green secondary. The bright spot on the secondary is speed; the group has explosive speed which will be needed this year.

This is Matt's senior year. Watch next year though, as Alex Mortensen, son of ESPN's Chris Mortensen, takes over. He's extremely smart and studies teams, defenses, and playbooks non-stop. This guy learned our playbook in 8 days, faster than anyone we've ever had. They're working on his speed and agility, but he already has a great arm with really good accuracy. He's the future of UA football.

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