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Before you know who pops off about the additional money being requested for the stadium.

I did my fair share of digging and homework and this is what I came up with. Feel free to disagree.

The ballpark is not over budget and and the construction company is not asking for an extra "ten million." From the various El Paso Inc, El Paso Times, KVIA, and KFOX articles, it seems the construction company has pretty much said this was a 50 million dollar stadium (plus 10 million in design etc) when you include all the downtown upgrades. The mistake was the city selling this as a 40 million dollar stadium (plus the 10 million in design etc).

For those against the stadium, this is the perfect time to pop off. Have fun.

Keep in mind, the stadium is the City's. The team is MountainStar's. So who is "getting rich" off the additional money needed to build the stadium properly? Again, Chicken Littles, have fun popping off.

It would be great if the project would actually cost 40/10 million for a total of 50 - as advertised. That is not the case. It is actually going to be 50/10 for a total of 60 million. Is this a stunt? A scam? Blah Blah Blah? Maybe.

I would hope the ankle biters would do a little digging and homework before declaring this a stunt. How is it a stunt? Where is the scam? Do you have actual details?

Myself, I just want the stadium and the upgrades to downtown. I am okay with the additional money needed. I blame City Council for selling one number when the exact amount wasn't exactly known and while the construction company was clearly saying it was a higher number than what they were putting out.

Either way, Play Ball!
Good digging Mistabinks.

If the stadium costs 60 million total, with all the sidewalks and design fees added, so be it. Anybody who thought the stadium would come in under budget, or even at the amount the city council was saying, should reevaluate their gullibility. Even the building that we tore down to make room for the ballpark was over budget.
I think that if anything, the project should have been presented with a worst case scenario projection. It is always best to exceed expectations, than to over-promise, and under-deliver.

So there are going to be some extra stretch marks... I'll still love the baby delivered. 03-drunk

Seriously speaking, the damage is that this leaves the wrong impression. The naysayers are going to jump up and say "See! See! We told you!". I think that the perception from this alone, will seal Steve Ortega's mayor bid's fate. Too bad, cuz even though Leeser is a good business man, I don't see him as a strong civic/political leader.
City Rep. Eddie Holguin, who has opposed the ballpark project from the start, said he would "absolutely not" support the contract amendment.
"We promised the voters of this community it would not cost more than $50 million," Holguin said. "This ballpark is being built on a mountain of lies."
City Rep. Susie Byrd said said that while she has some questions on the issue, she would feel comfortable supporting the contract change "if these projects were pre-approved and we're just delivering a seamless project."
The city is also requesting an increase of about $725,000 to the design contract with Populous Inc., bringing that cost up to about $3.82 million. City officials said the design increase is due to additional features of the ballpark and design requirements for building near the railroad. They added that the change increases the contract value but is still within the design budget previously approved by council.
Overall, the council is being asked to approve up to $57 million in bonds to cover the design, site preparation and construction costs associated with the ballpark project, as well as the cost to issue the bonds and install public art as required on capital projects.

I'm glad they aren't cutting corners, it's been an El Paso tradition to cut corners, not so much anymore. There is no such thing as "bueno, bonito y barato", you get what you paid for, and the people of El Paso are starting to realize this. Anyways, this is a lot better than spending 30 million on remodeling a depleted building that didn't fit the downtown architecture.
Of course they aren't going to cut corners because it isn't their money. It's fleecing the public 101. I'm sure now that they have got the public to approve it, they are going to find a few more things to add on to it when it's all said and done.
so.... you like to cut corners? that explains why you're against progress.
(05-28-2013 01:12 PM)randaddyminer Wrote: [ -> ]so.... you like to cut corners? that explains why you're against progress.

I've never said I was against progress. I just don't like it when someone tells me I have to buy something right now or it isn't going to be available to me in the future.

It's the oldest sales trick in the book and it looks like you and others just fell for it.

But hey. Your the rich guy that gives his son $200 to spend at UTEP games. LOL.

Why is it that everyone on the internet is rich? LOL
Anyone have the facts on this thing?

According to talk radio...........

1. Joyce Wilson is blaming Mountain Star sports claiming they demanded more amenities.

2. City Council is blaming Joyce Wilson saying she got suckered into a bad deal.

3. Contractor claiming he never said it would cost 40 million. Now saying we will not get a state of the art stadium for less than 50 million.

what a cry baby you are
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