Full Version: Goodbye Disco Dan
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Shero has to fire Bylesma if the Pens don't make the cup finals this year. Shero has assembled a team that could win it all and they are on the verge of being swept by the Bruins. I know we won a cup with him but the Pens have underperformed in the playoff since.

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I normally would agree but by listening to local talk radio it seems that isn't gonna happen. But Mark Madden said well yesterday, "the further away this team gets from the discipline of Therian the worse this team gets.
Done deal. He will be gone by Monday.

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Fair or unfair Bylsma and Fluery receives a ton of criticism. I tend to think that there isn't enough criticism aimed in the direction of Crosby and Malkin. Just look as far back at the SCF against Detroit that they lost. When things don't go right, those 2 just seemed to suddenly become goons and are taken out of their games. You would think that over time both would mature and learn to just play their games. Credit must go to the Boston Bruins and their team game but scoring only 2 goals in 4 games is awful. Blame must go in the direction of Crosby and Malkin. Look no further than game 1 at the end of the 2nd period when Crosby mixed it up w/ Rast and Chara, and Malkin ended up in a fight. Philly series: same sh*t, Montreal series a few years back: same sh*t. In a best of 7 series here on out if I was a coach I'd get my guys under the stars skin: early and often.

Bylsma is an ok coach at best. I won't argue if he needs to be sent out of town or not. But there is a reason why the Steelers been so great over the past 3-4 decades now. It's because of stability at the coaching position. Perhaps that's an apples/oranges comparison. But if the Steelers fired coaches every time the team failed in the playoffs or missed the playoffs; Cower would've been fired in 98 and Tomlin would've been fired after the loss to Tebow and the Broncos. Be careful what you wish for Pens fans. The lineup could be totally different next season, and with a new coach and new goalie, you may be wishing for Bylsma and Fluery this time next year.
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