Full Version: GO HOGS! BEAT TEX-******!
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Time to send the Longhorns to the woodshed...one more time!

Like most Arkansas fans, I hate the University of Texas. What's not to hate? I hate their disgusting orange color. I hate their incredible arrogance; how they feel nothing on Earth, from the color of grass, to weddings, to rest stops, to shoulders on the higway, to gumbo, to bbq ribs, is better than what Texas does. (NOTE: all the above have been said by Texans, to me personally, that they are the world's best at). They believe that their state is the ONLY prosperous state around, and that everyone else around them are a bunch of inferiors. Has anyone been to east Texas? Is there ANYTHING nice about that area? What about the desert wasteland they call west Texas, and El Paso, aka Mexico on crack.

They said in 2000 it would be a walkover, Texas was favored by 8.... FINAL: Arkansas 27, Texas 6
They said in 2003 it would be a walkover, revenge on Houston Nutt, a total breeze. Texas favored by 10.5. FINAL: Arkansas 38, Texas 28
And now, what comes out of the mouths of UT fans? A total walkover, revenge b/c we celebrated after the win, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah


I hope the same result happens again, that the most arrogant, idiotic, overrated (athletically and academically) school ever created in civilization goes down with the ship one more time to the Razorbacks. This one is in our house...it's time to send ONE FINAL MESSAGE to these losers, the purest of a-holes in collegiate sports.

Remember the CWS this past year? How Cal St. Fullerton won with ease, and Texas being the only team in history to not show up for the trophy ceremony? Was that not the pinnacle of arrogance and poor sportsmanship? And yet, they sit and whine about UA players taking pieces of the turf and running over to sing with the fans and celebrate after winning in Austin. What a bunch of hypocritical a-focks!

Ok...now that's all out... I'll be there...and trust me, if we win, I will buy so much alcohol that fans of UGA and Ole Miss, when they come up to Fayetteville, can join me in finishing off what was left of it. 04-cheers


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