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Amazing, absolutely amazing. I went to the Texas-Arkansas game in 2003 and was surprised at how much spirit the Hogs fans showed. Then last night, I watched on TV and once again, the Arkansas fans showed a lot of spirit. And y'all aren't rude like fans of some other schools. Arkansas fans are truly a class act.
I'll second that - or I wouldn't be making my third trip to Fayetteville in less than 2 weeks. (Although one trip i was already there on business -in Harrison, AR)

By the way CTH,

Our game has been picked up by CBS - 2:30 kick

<a href='http://www.rolltide.com/Football/11161.asp' target='_blank'>RollTide.com - Bama Hogs game</a>
Thanks for the compliments

We're not the largest crowd...but we always try to be the loudest. The PA announcers and the band really help out in those situations.

bama_jay, looks like it's gonna be a tough tough game for both of us. You guys lose Croyle, and our secondary got shredded. This is a crucial game for us, as road trips to Florida and Auburn await us.

Indeed - this usually is a tough one. I hate losing Croyle - one of his best games was his first start 2 years ago in Fayetteville, but I think Marc Guillon should do fine. Hopefully, we can keep the running game a'chuggin, and keep some of the pressure of Marc.

See ya Saturday!
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