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Yes, it's that time of year again and YouGeeAye has awakened from his winter, spring and summer slumber. Whilst lurking on this board the past couple of weeks, I can't help but chuckle while reading some of the posts over at the Tech board after Clemson handed them the game a week ago. Here are some of the finer quotes :

It is simple...Beat Miami, Get ranked, Beat UMD, Beat UGAg, Win NC!

It's downright *scary* to think of the possibilities if we beat Miami. It could be the best season for Tech athletics since the 1990 Final Four / National Championship.

90 was a great year, but if we could pull out the Maryland and NCSU games we should be undefeated heading into UGAg.

This is a season changing game. Next week should be an offensive cakewalk at UNC before Miami comes into town. We should be 3-0 and ranked around 20th for that huge showdown.

A stomping of Carolina will put us in the top 25 heading into the Miami game.

I think this team is legit Top 25 material.. .and after we get a few more quality wins I think it'll pan out that way.

Those are my favorites. After coming back to earth and realizing that it just doesn't get any better at the North Avenue Trade School, the techies are hopeless once again. The quotes now look a bit more like what I am used to seeing from Tech fans:

think this team is staring down a possible 2.. 3.. 4 win total meltdown. The Miami game looks to be a farse blowout in front of sparsely populated stands.

If we don't get to a bowl, my money says Gailey is out...

I wish UNC beat us by more. I think the non-effort would be corrected much more drastically if UNC blew us out of the water making a bigger national embarrisment

The sad part is that everyone was looking forward to being 3-0 facing the Canes at home. I don't think there will be as much excitement and we'll be 2-2.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Every year, it's the same thing. Win a couple of games, start talking about how high GT is in "others receiving votes" in the polls and what game can crack them into the top 25. Lose one they aren't suppose to lose and the whole attitude changes. I just can't stop laughing. Just wish their were more Dawg fans here to read this and join me in this hilarity.
Good stuff, YouGeeAye. And welcome back. Don't be such a stranger.
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