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Probably should be two separate threads. But what an exciting opening day for the Washington Nationals. Pitching was superb and Harper hit 2 home runs. Oh and the game was sold out-first time ever on opening day I believe. Nicely done. I think they play again on Wednesday.

The O's play tomorrow at 3:10 PM against the Rays. Looking forward to a great season of baseball.
The O's win their season opener 7-4. Looking forward to the Nats/O's games.
Both Nats and O's play tonight around 7 PM.
18 straight scoreless innings for Nats to start the year. It's only two games but this team has some crazy potential and not just this year either. Rizzo has done an amazing job building this team and they will be fun to watch.
not to discredit the nats, as we look great as expected, but i also think the marlins are going to be the perpetual 5th place team in this division. this is a series of the top team vs the bottom team.
I'm a little concerned that we only scored 5 runs in 2 games, but hey, winning is winning!
I guess we will find out how well they do when they face Atlanta. But I think they will rise to the occasion. I think we look good even if it is against a team that probably won't be that good. BTW, O's lost tonight.
Jayson Werth just hit his first home run in the bottom of the 7th to give the Nats a 6-1 lead over the Marlins.

Baltimore wins 6-3. Bottom of the 9th at TB had a little controversy. Longoria hit the ball pretty hard hitting top of the wall. The controversy comes when Longoria is watching whether or not he had a home run. Supposedly the TB player passed Zobrist between first and second base and was called out. Video replay was inconclusive and to be honest, it didn't look like Longoria passed Zobrist. Anyway, never seen a player supposedly pass the base runner in front of him before.
Nats finish the sweep over Miami. They play at the Reds tomorrow at 7:10 PM. The Orioles have their home opener vs the Twins at 3:05 PM.
Chris Davis of Baltimore is on fire. Just hit a grand slam home run to put the O's up 9-5 bottom of the 8th. He becomes just the 4th player in MLB history to homer in the opening of the season in 4 straight games.
O's win 9-5.

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Haren isn't pitching a good game at all. Bailey for the Reds pitching a very good game. Top 6 and th e Nats are down 7-0. Just a bad game by all.

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this is one of those (hopefully) rare "nightmare" games. the kind of game where you can't hit, and you can't pitch and nothing goes right whatsoever.
Nightmare is right. I do not want to post the score because it is that bad.

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Nats at 1:10 PM todoay. O's at 7:05 PM today. Let's hope the Nats have a better game today after the drubbing they received yesterday. Today, Detwiler pitches for the Nats and Tillman pitches for the O's.
Nats win 7-6 in 11 innings. Desmond and Ramos with home runs in top 11.

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The O's lose in the 9th 6-5.
Tied scores for both teams at the moment.
Nats lose 6-3. Think the Nats need to go back and do some defense training. Reds right now look like the team to beat this year.
O's lose 4-3. Tough day.

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(04-07-2013 03:29 PM)jmufan Wrote: [ -> ]O's lose 4-3. Tough day.

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when is it tough when those stupid birds lose? their fans are flocking to the curly dub in mass the past few seasons. I welcome them with open arms.
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