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Baylor Hoops looking strong. Lady Bears dominated FSU (ACC’s best shooting team) and the men finished off Providence last night in the NIT. Not Bad, a trip to the Garden for the guys and the ladies still on track for a shot at the NCAA title game.04-cheers
Tough loss for the Lady Bears, I won’t whine but I will say that it was the most physical women’s B-Ball game I can remember. Refs tightened it up in the second half; still the charge was hard to take after the attention Brittney received all night. Still, any missed shot, 2 extra free-throws; a more aggressive D earlier, any of those things could have made the difference so no use dwelling on the call. Just a tough way to end the season for team with such high goals. To wrap it up, I will say losing just 2 games all year by a combine 3 pts is still pretty amazing. Great job all year ladies, and good luck in the WNBA.
How 'bout our men's team??? We're #69! We're #69! We're #69!

"69 is divine!" circa MASH, the movie

If young Rose can develop and mature into the kind of floor leader we know he can be, and IF both Jefferson and Austin come back, our frontcourt could present some serious problems for the Big 12, if not Kentrucky and Xalpari in Jonestown/JerryWorld this December. If we can't get over Kansas and Company with THAT line-up, we probably never will.
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