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This guy could be a real Heisman candidate, he has 13 TDs and no interceptions this year. Something to look out for.
Now, Purdue only has 2 gimme games left: @Northwestern and Indiana - I think even @Penn State could be difficult, considering the Boilers lost in Happy Valley in 2000 when they were BigTen champs.
Nonetheless, I think he is the best QB in college football, or I would take him over White and Leinhart. Chris Leak and Orton are close. If they should meet in a bowl game, that would be a hell of a matchup.
After destroying Notre Dame with four more TD's, he is the front-runner.
Well, that didn't happen as expected. :rolleyes:

But he came back with a nice last regular season game.
Well, whether they face Alabama or South Carolina in Nashville, they should win the bowl game..... Although the Sun Bowl will let them back for the 3rd time in 4 years if Northwestern doesn't beat Hawaii.
Neck beard?
[Image: orton8-2.jpg]
[Image: kyle-orton-drunk-pictures.jpg]
[Image: orton%20and%20girls.jpg]
[Image: kyle_orton_drunk31.jpg]
[Image: kyle_orton_chicago_bears_5_drunk_pictures1.jpg]
[Image: kyle_orton_chicago_bears_7_drunk_pictures1.jpg]
[Image: KYLEORTONDRUNK4_display_image.jpg?1295628856]
[Image: kyle_orton_drunk_10.jpg]
[Image: kyle_orton_chicago_bears_4_drunk_pictures-400x300.jpg]
[Image: kyle-orton-large.jpg]
That's what we call Big Ten drunk:

Man, work F'ing sucked this week. I can't wait for the weekend, I'm gonna get Big Ten drunk.
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