Full Version: Great First Season in D1
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So our first season has essentially come to an end (still have a game against San Francisco in a few weeks) and I think everyone has been pleasantly surprised by their performance. At the beginning of the season I predicted an 8 win season and we finished with an 11-15 overall record and a 9-9 conference record. Not only did the men do well but the woman finished with a 15-12 overall and 12-6 conference record. Also last night we passed our regular season game attendance record with 6700 people and we had the highest average attendance in the conference (3000+ a game). Definitely a good start to the D1 era of NKU basketball and sports in general. What did u guys think about NKU's first basketball season in D1?
The attendance stat is big. That will go a long way in the future toward building the program up. You can't argue that NKU did well for their first year in D1. Some surprise wins. Probably their biggest over Mercer. Will be interesting to see how they fare in the future years. I mentioned in another post NKU had similiarities to Kennesaw State, all the way down to the colors! Anyways, KSU went .500 their first year and still haven't been above .500 after 8 years. In fact, KSU has become one of the worst programs in D1. Let's hope NKU goes the other direction!

Congrats on the great year, a lot to be proud of. I'm most amazed at the great following of fans!
Congratz on your 1st year. Ive watched NKU from a distance for sometime. And find you to have some nice athetics, even as DII. You seemed to compete nicely even with most of your athletes recruited while at the DII level.
KSU will sweep NKU next year. Book it
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