Full Version: New UTSA Commercials!
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UTSA Undergraduate enrollment TV Commercial:

UTSA Undergraduate enrollment TV Commercial 2 [text only]:

UTSA Graduate enrollment TV commercial:

UTSA Graduate enrollment TV Commercial 2 [text only]:

What do you guys think?

Personally, I like them all; to me, they are an improvement from the previous editions of UTSA commercials. They invoke emotion and the undergraduate commercial even has a few seconds of UTSA football clips; with that said however, I would have preferred that they showed more football clips for a few seconds longer (which my next sentence will help explain why) but overall, it's a good commercial (better than the previous one).

I can definitely see the undergraduate commercial being played during UTSA football games when our games are being aired on TV (whether locally, regionally, or even nationally). Both that one and the Graduate School commercial I can see being aired on TV in general but it's the undergraduate one that I feel that will get more airtime, especially during televised UTSA athletic events.
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