Full Version: Jersey # changes on the UTSA football roster
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The new guys coming in have now been assigned jersey numbers:

Andre Brown is now # 19; Tevin Broussard is now # 23; Jens Jeters is now # 42; Brian Price is now # 91; Skylar Nelson is now #99.

This includes the new walk-ons:

Jace Edwards is now # 10; Spencer Phillips is now # 26; Fred Blow is now # 29.

Because of this and/or other reasons probably, other players had a new jersey numbers reassigned to them as well; it's mostly the walk-ons but some of the scholarship players are affected by these jersey number changes as well:

Taylor Kelley goes from # 2 to # 37; Tristan Wade goes from # 14 to # 7; Bennett Okotcha goes from # 19 to # 14; Rileigh Davis goes from # 16 to # 3; Miles Lerch goes from # 19 to # 34; Aaron Grubb goes from # 26 to # 88; Uche Njoku goes from # 29 to # 33; Patrick Oyinatumba goes from # 12 to # 34; Chris Hight goes from # 30 to # 34; John Roper goes from # 91 to # 57; Jordan Gray goes from # 88 to # 70.


There's also a PDF version of the roster as well: http://www.goutsa.com/attachments1/193939.pdf

I suspect that the PDF version of the roster is a bit more updated than the html version of it. For example, the PDF version has Simmons listed as a wide receiver now (he tweeted about this position change a few months ago sometime after the 2012 season ended). Also, the PDF version doesn't have # 89 Austin Rushing nor # 49 Karimu Osman seemingly indicating that they are no longer on the team.

There could be a couple of other changes on the roster such as on weight measurement or on position changes, but aside from what I saw on Simmons, I wasn't looking at those details in particular (y'all are more than welcome to however).
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