Full Version: nBE Conference and Fan Greed stirs up Realignment Rumors
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Reading the CR for awhile really starts to get me down. I start to feel blue because it shows that the faith we want to put into humanity is misplaced. If you read the realignment sections of the Bone Yard, WVU Scout, the nBE board here and this very CR board you can see the greed seething from a number of posters. It's disgusting to be frank about it. I hate seeing how some fans (and conferences) want to see other conferences like the Big12 and the ACC torn apart in order to satiate these people's lust. It makes it tough to read this board because too many fantasies are played out here and spun as truth. What makes it unfortunate is that these greedy people take to the interwebs and blog about this stuff and try to pass it off as fact to gullible fools.

I don't care to see the greed thrown around here. Look at how the nBE conducts itself in public - talking about inviting this school or that school casually while these other conferences (and member schools within the other GO5) sit in fear about what the future will hold. People need to learn how to be content with what they have and not lust after things that don't belong to them.
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