Full Version: Big Attendance Problems.
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Good point. Admin, put this ramp on the list for early action. Long over due.
Parked behind the arena by the dorms for over 10 years and have never had a problem finding a spot. Usually get there 15-20 min before tip
(02-07-2013 05:14 PM)broncojohnny Wrote: [ -> ]Between EMU and NIU, they have over 17,000+ seats in there convocation centers. They had a combined 1230 people in attendance. EMU--522, NIU--708... I'll tip my hat to any coach that can recruit quality kids with a empty stadium as your backdrop....
For a guy who thought 10 wins this year would be on the high side, I gotta say that these young men are FUN to watch...Great win last night.

Just win baby. They'll come.
Parking in my opinion is a lame excuse. You should attend a football game at Camp Randall Stadium in Wisconsin, where there is absolutely no parking structure around the stadium. I was told to stop at a local business the day before and pay in advance if I desired something within reasonable walking distance to the stadium. Then there was the Iowa game where we walked over 3/4 of a mile to the arena. Ah yes there was the Virginia football game where parking was over a mile away.

Always proud to be a Bronco.

PS, walking is still the best exercise in the world.
(02-08-2013 12:39 PM)stdatwmu Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-08-2013 10:02 AM)Tommyboy Wrote: [ -> ]Having lived in Zimmerman and Davis Halls students do mind having the lots closed for football Saturdays and do mind not being able to find spots in 'their' lots during basketball game nights. I've long thought that building an upper deck over the lower of the two lots next to UA and Zimmerman, with access from the upper lot would solve many problems.

Yup, agree 100%.

Lived in Zimmerman for a year and it was a royal pain at times. I get that there are two very different groups (students + fans) that need to be satisfied and both are paying to park there. Adding a level seems like a perfectly logical choice.

Honestly, with how sloped it is there, you could probably recess the whole damn thing far enough that it wouldn't even stick out above ground on the high end.

Exactly, remove the slope of the lower lot and build an upper deck on the same level as the upper lot.
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