Full Version: as signing day approaches
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who are you most looking forward to signing with us?

do you think we'll have any surprises?

Do you think anyone flips from us in the last minute?
Looking Foward To Signing

Thats a hard one. Doc and JaJaun look like they have outdone themselves in this class. So not going with the most obvious in AJL, McManus and etc. Im going to go with Josh Knight. He is a 6'1 180 WR from Fort Pierce, FL.

Besides us he had offers from:
Bowling Green
Florida Intl.
Georgia St.
Middle Tenn. St.
South Florida
Western Kentucky
Western Michigan

With the WR corps we have I think all of our WRs should be RSed. But Knight looks like he would have the body type to line up across Shuler in his senior year.

Any Suprisises

Doc and JaJaun have said we have recruits committed that we aren't talking about.

This is from Seiders Facebook:
Quote:Another great day on the trail of recruiting. O yes we will surprise you on signing day!! ⌚♠✔ Herd up!

Also Doc and Seider was in South Florida making in home visits and in Indiana visiting Elijah Daniel, 247 has E. Daniel as a 5 star recruit now.

Possible Flips

It's always a possibility, we are talking about 17-19 year olds. All it would do for some is their GF to say something like "I think Im going to Ball State, come to school with me". And of couse as everyone knows most 17-19 yr olds won't be with the same girl even next year. But 17-19 year olds don't always make the correct choices either.

With that being said I think we have seen our decommit already when Mark Barr changed his committment last week to Cincy....
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