Full Version: Lady 'Back wins Fear Factor
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UA graduate and former pole vaulter April Steiner won the Thanksgiving edition of Fear Factor last night, claiming the $50,000 prize.

The Thanksgiving event was four stunts....

1) Collect flags from a net being drug in the water, then climb up to the top of an old pirate ship and collect the last flag. April beat out everyone, doing it 11 seconds faster than anyone else.

2) Eat pretty much a plate of various worms. All four contestants did that with ease.

3) Unfasten themselves from a ball and chain underwater and swim to the boat. April beat out her closest competition by 3 seconds.

4) Collect flags underwater and under the ship with a 2 min. time frame. April beat out her last competitor by over 50 seconds.

WPS... our girls are pretty, in shape, and tough as nails 04-bow
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