Full Version: Athletic Budgets.
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Just seeing where the NEW SBC stacks up in athletic budgets WITH JSU, App and GA Southern factored in. NOTE: These numbers are from 2011 and UL have upped budgets a good bit I believe.

1. WKU...$22,269,484

2. Texas State...$21,741,489

3. Ga State...$21,695,575

4. ASU...$18,974,507

5. App State...$17,748,605

6. USA...$17,432,045

7. Troy...$16,246,720

8. UL...$13,556,901 (This is much higher now not sure the 2013 numbers)

9. JSU...$12,154,751

10. ULM...$11,661,727

11. GA Southern...$11,245,505
The way things are running around campus right now, I wouldn't be surprised if our budget has been upped as well.
Money for asst coaches is coming from somewhere. Either Clark is talking coahes into huge salary reductions or the money is quite better.
yep, and that's our budget on an FCS level -
a move to FBS would increase it - it would basically have to.
I believe we are about to see a big difference in the state of JSU athletics in the upcoming year(s) that will certainly outshine the past - not that our past is anything to be ashamed of....
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