Full Version: Nice NIU-MAC article
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I don't go in for the "just getting there is a win" logic (not unless NIU loses, then I have to put lipstick on the corpse, I guess) but I like how the article gives big props to MAC football tradition.

Hey, a link!

Let's win the game anyway.
Awesome quote:

"From the shores of Buffalo to the hills of Athens to the flatlands of DeKalb to the valley of Amherst to the flatlands of Kent to the flatlands of Mount Pleasant to the flatlands of Toledo to the flatlands of Kalamazoo to the flatlands of Oxford to the flatlands of Muncie to the flatlands of Akron to the flatlands of Ypsilanti to the flatlands of Bowling Green ... they will be watching in unison, finally with something in common.

They've already won, and so have we. All that remains is to win the Orange Bowl."
I follow Sussman on Twitter. Some of his tweets are hilarious.
It was a positive piece about the team and the school. It mentioned the fact we have a head coach who never served as a college head coach having his first experience in a BCS bowl. Great advertising for the school and the program.
Yes, awesome quote

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