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If we get a few of you guys to show post up -- when you're not busy beating Ole Miss -- we'll skin the place Gamecock colors.

FYI: For the next 24 hours I will be RAPIDLY approving new registrations ... and we will allow people to register with FREE email addresses (gmail, yahoo, etc). This is something we normally don't do ... so hurry and get in while the gettin' is good!
New subdomain:
Thanks GTS, i'll try to spread the word.
Welcome guys. I am excited to finally get you guys over here.
Just checking in... waiting on everyone else from the old GoJaxState board to follow.
By the way ... if you want to see what some of our skinned areas look like as a teaser:

JaxSigEp94 checking in -- testing, testing.....Troy State, you suck! 01-lauramac2

Let's get it started --- Crank it up Gamecock Nation! 04-cheers
Checking in.

Sign-up threw me for a loop at first. Turns out I've had a CSN account since 2005. Who knew? I think I must have created it to weigh in on discussion related to our game with UAB that year, AttallaBlaze. The phrase "Hats off to the Gamecock band," suddenly comes to mind ...

So, now that I'm here, I suppose I'll christen this forum with a hearty ...

(12-21-2012 05:45 PM)JaxSigEp94 Wrote: [ -> ]Troy State, you suck! 01-lauramac2

I second that emotion.
No clue I had this account. Leeroy checking in.

I was experiencing withdrawals. What the heck happened?

Whup Troy 02-13-banana
Also, Beer...
Big_Fan checking in... I didn't get an email verification, but I got accepted. Works for me :)
Pub Daze reporting for duty! Feel like someone hit me in the head with a sock full of quarters. Any idea what happened to GoJaxState? Is it done for good? Dazed and confused at this point.
(12-22-2012 08:45 AM)Pub Daze Wrote: [ -> ]Pub Daze reporting for duty! Feel like someone hit me in the head with a sock full of quarters. Any idea what happened to GoJaxState? Is it done for good? Dazed and confused at this point.

Apparently the badwidth that is allowed is quite low, and the traffic increase from the new coach announcement depleted the allowance. Every time someone loads the page, the server sends x amount of data (however much is on the page). There is a maximum allowed. Free webhosts and low cost hosting plans don't generally allow much data. For quite some time it has been enough for gojaxstate.com. There have been a lot of new users recently, as well as returning users. The added load + the coaching search was too much and gojaxstate ran out of its allotment - I am guessing for the month.

To keep that from happening again, the powers that be are considering pointing gojaxstate.com at this message board. I am hopeful that they will consider buying a web hosting account and pointing it there. I could build a website as a front-end for this message forum, and point the "Message Board" link here (like bamamag.com points to mdb.scout.com). Using wordpress, we could make gojaxstate.com into a news site kind of like the scout & rivals. We already have people who post recruiting information on the forums. It would be a small step to turn that information into an article and post it on the homepage. I could create content author accounts for those who wish to contribute news. I am more than willing to help, and write game previews like I did for a certain SEC team site. It might not be as complete as scout network sites, but we don't have anything since gamecockillustrated shut down. I think someone else is doing a blog, but it is just one guy. We could make a positive out of this negative - we now have an opportunity to build something substantial. New coach, new attitude, new site.

Just my .02 cents
Will gojaxstate.com restart next month or will this be the new site?
This is the UAB site we have here.


Another example of what we can do for you guys. Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can help you guys in any way or if you have any questions. I will check the new registrations and make sure we are not missing anyone.
I am not one of the gojaxstate.com admins, but it would be nice if we could change the color from blue to red. I created this header image, but it would have to be approved by the proper authorities...

[Image: bbs_zps80e3921a.png]

I could, of course, modify it in any way they want.
I've been here for awhile, but it's good to see a separate board.
Big Fan, thanks for the update on what's going on. Guess I'm concerned about the fact that so many people on GoJaxState may not realize what happened or that they can come over here. Also, how did you get the image into your signature line?
I only joined the conversation a month ago and didn't realize how much I missed you guys until the site crashed!

Big Fan your awesome, and I'll follow the group where ever we end up.

Im actually kinda proud that the old site couldn't handle the traffic, it just shows how much we all care.

Please they and keep the technologically challenged in the loop LOL.
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