Full Version: Doeren Coaching Staff (summary)
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OC, QBs - Matt Canada (prev Wisconsin)
RBs, TEs - Des Kitchens (prev NC State)
FBs, TEs - Eddie Faulkner (prev Wisconsin)
WR - Frisman Jackson (prev Northern Illinois)
O-line - open

DC - Dave Huxtable (prev Pittsburgh)
CBs - Richard McNutt (prev Northern Illinois)
D-line - Ryan Nielsen (prev Northern Illinois)
LBs - open
DBs - open

Special Teams Coord - Eddie Faulkner (see above)
Recruiting Coord - Ryan Nielsen (see above)
Strength & Conditioning - Jason Veltkamp (prev Arkansas)

Link to NC State football page with coaching bios HERE

edit: Added S&C coach
Canada and Faulkner were previously at Northern Illinois. I guess the point of this was that his NC State staff has a heavy Northern Illinois presence. They have won the MAC the last 2 years and are in a BCS bowl this year so it can't be all bad.
Actually, it looks like his staff has a NIU and Wisconsin presence...
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