Full Version: UC v DP C'mon DePaulinistas where I know you are out there
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can you guys keep it close this year?
Any other Depaul fans around here?
I don't think Depaul has to worry about keeping it close this year. I've been going to this game for many years now and they've won as many as they've lost.

They can't win at Cincinnati, but this will likely be their 4th straight win at the All State arena. Depaul won by 20 two years ago and will likely beat that this year.
More concerning for Depaul is #7 Pitt coming to Chicago tomorrow. I'm a long time season ticket holder...and i've regularly seen them rip the best teams in the country at the All State arena.

I was at the Kansas and California games this year, and watched them whip Syracuse in the last game before their BE Tourney title run last year.

And i'll be there for this one too.

Depaul doesn't have anyone as tall as Gray (well they do have 1 seldom used 7 footer), but they got some big bodies and great athletes.

Their two Centers Green and Thomas are both 6'9 and 265 and can pound away at Gray.

Sammy Mejia is their wing slashing playmaker and team captain. Wilson Chandler is my favorite player in the NCAA this year. Without a doubt one of the most athletic PFs in the NCAA. If they're on...Pitt is done. No question. They seem to light up the whole team

All their guards are good too. Draelon Burns and Karron Clarke can hit the three consistantly, and Will Walker is (I think) the smoothest "frosh" PG in the conference. He doesn't shoot much yet but is accurate and is good for 8-10 ppg. He's a great team leader though. He came from my local high school last year and i've been watching him play for the past 3 years now. You'll see him in the NBA.

Bottom line is...for some reason this team can't seem to play well on the road, but a home, there's no one they can't beat. Especially at home.

They're streaky...and their bane is FT shooting. If they don't blow it at the line, I don't see them losing this game either.

I believe Depaul is the best ex-CUSA team in the BE this year.
Boy...I sure called that one wrong. Depaul looked terrible for 32 minutes.

They waited until 6 minutes left in the game to finally start scoring. Too late by then. And Pitt picked it up too.

The only good thing about this game was Depaul women's coach Doug Bruno getting recognized at the half for winning the Gold medal coaching the 18 and under World Championship.
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