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Fellow posters the news on realignment will likely be flowing by Monday. Let's reserve this space for news only and please cite your sources, preferably with links. We will reserve conversation for the other threads. This way we can come to this thread to check for news before commenting.
@McMurphyESPN: Maryland votes on B1G Monday; Kevin Plank "100 percent" behind move, regent tells @ESPN http://t.co/5fDS7rWV

I felt this was an appropriate first post to the thread.
I think this is pretty pertinent:
@alex_prewitt: A majority is needed among the 16 Board of Regents during tomorrow morning's vote to accept Maryland's move to the Big 10.

(prewitt is Wash Post Md writer)
Sowashee Eagle posted this on another thread, but it is appropriate here. Combination of news, quotes and speculation from USA Today:
Andy Katz tweets that he spoke with a prominent MD alumnus and he thinks MD will choose the Big Ten
Quote:Kevin McGuire ‏@KevinOnCFB
According to the Maryland 247Sports report, an announcement on Maryland to the Big Ten is expected to be made at 3pm.

It is done. MD to the B1G.

Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN
Maryland's board of regents unanimously approves move to Big Ten, source tells @ESPN

(not new, but I hadn't seen the word 'unanimous' anywhere else yet.)
@McMurphyESPN: Likely but not official - yet RT @Peder_Rice: On SportsCenter right now, they're saying Rutgers announcement tomorrow. Can you confirm?
Just heard the Rutgers announcement tomorrow on ESPN Radio as well....
(11-19-2012 10:31 AM)Chappy Wrote: [ -> ]Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN
Maryland's board of regents unanimously approves move to Big Ten, source tells @ESPN

(not new, but I hadn't seen the word 'unanimous' anywhere else yet.)

Apparently that has changed...

Pete Thamel ‏@SIPeteThamel
Ah ha. Someone tells truth. RT @alex_prewitt: Florestano confirmed that the Regents has approved the proposal. Denies it was unanimous.
@BigTenNetwork: Maryland will join the Big Ten, effective 2014-15 season.
@wilnerhotline: Realignment source: UConn to ACC could happen as soon as Tuesday.
Jeremy Fowler @JFowlerCBS

ACC in talks with UConn, Louisville, South Florida and Cincinnati about 14th team to replace Maryland, source told @CBSSports.
@darrenrovell: Sources: Under Armour founder & CEO Kevin Plank WILL NOT be contributing to Maryland's ACC buyout fund.
@DanWetzel: Have been told ACC will not be hurried into replacing Maryland. Will let dust settle.
Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN
ACC hasn't approached anyone about replacing Maryland, but numerous schools contacted ACC about joining ACC, official tells @ESPN
Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN
Maryland prez tells regents MD, RU in Leaders Division w/OSU, PSU, Wisconsin, Purdue & Indiana. Illinois moves to Legends

I'm told Big 12, Pac-12 will stay put at current numbers, but UConn (slight edge) and Louisville in play for ACC to replace Maryland
JFowlerCBS profile

JFowlerCBS Re: nine-game conf schedule, Delany said, "I think more games is on the table."
kbohls ‏@kbohls

One top-level Big 12 school official tells me: "We need 2 more teams to have 4 nonconf games. It would help everybody’s records."
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