Full Version: NKU vs. Siena
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Game starts at 10:30 PM Eastern Time. Thoughts on the game?
Good luck!
Dang another heartbreaking loss! We were up by 2 with a minute left but Siena was able to take the lead. We then hit a 3 that would have won the game but it is waved off as they said he was fouled before the shot got off. Then Bezold gets a technical foul for arguing, they shoot 2 free throws to put them up by 4 and we lose. I guess the best thing we can say is that NKU has really played 5 halves of really good basketball and 1 bad one so far this season.
Indeed. Looks like NKU is ready for DI and could surprise some folks.
I'm looking forward to watching them play the Bears down the road. 3 tough losses that could have all been wins.
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