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4A North Alleghey vs Woodland Hills
3A West Allegheny vs West Mifflin
2A Aliquippa vs Washington
1A Clairton vs Sto Rox

I was at the District 2 championship for the Eastern Conference. My high school - Berwick, lost to Abington Heights. Abington Heights will advance and has a good chance at making it to the PIAA AAA Championship I think. Their next game is against Allentown Central Catholic.
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Sucks to hear that Berwick lost... That school was a powerhouse in the 90's.
This was our first season with George Curry back. He's the winningest coach in PA high school history and did almost all his damage at Berwick. Those teams in the 90s were really something to see. I recently bought a DVD from the 12th man (our booster organization) about that decade in Berwick football and it was a treat to watch. Those teams looked more like college teams than high school teams.

I've been told that a lot of Curry's success was due to his early recognition of the importance of weight lifting programs for his teams. Berwick built a field house and had fairly serious regiments for the players to follow and they voluntarily followed the programs in the offseason as well. Eventually, of course, everyone caught onto this. Curry's still a great coach today, though.
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