Full Version: First D1 Game @ San Diego Tonight!
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Who all is excited for the game tonight? Post your thoughts on what happens here.
(11-14-2012 07:46 PM)FearTheNorse92 Wrote: [ -> ]Who all is excited for the game tonight? Post your thoughts on what happens here.

Watching, it's definitely interesting. Lack of size seems to be a problem. Todd Johnson has been impressive though. Been hanging tough with this team, hopefully they begin to move the ball vertically instead of just passing it around behind the 3pt line.
65-61 San Diego. NKU gave up the lead late but overall a nice effort. Jones looked good. Billups was huge not only in that he's the only reliable post scorer on this team, but that he's so foul prone. Glaring hole on the team this season is the lack of size. Also, freshman Johnson looked like a pretty decent player.. Plus I wanted to see some of Tyler White but Coach B didn't play him for some reason. Oh well.

Overall solid effort. Would have been huge to pull off the win but it is what it is. On to Tulsa!
Yeah Overall I was pretty impressed with their performance. The lack of inside scoring and rebounding is disappointing but not unexpected. I think we all know NKU is going to live and die by the 3 ball which has sort of become a staple of the program as far as I can remember although Nealy was a nice presence inside last year. Todd Johnson was a big surprise in this game although I thought he looked impressive at Black and Gold Madness. So overall I think these are the strengths and weaknesses of the Norse this year.


Team Play- They seemed very willing to pass and play together rather than rely on one guy (probably more because we dont have that go to guy yet).

Three Point Shooting- They did not hit them at a great percentage last night but they definitely showed they have a couple of guys who can hit them.

Forcing Turnovers - They grabbed quite a few steals and had a few blocks. It seems like they are pretty active on defense. They also managed to hold San Diego to far fewer shots than us.


Inside Presence- We got out rebounded by 10 last night and really struggled to get the ball inside. We are pretty undersized so Its going to be a struggle all year. Billups shows some promise but was in foul trouble all game.

Fouls- San Diego got almost a 3rd of their points of free throws last night. Chad Jackson and Jalen Billups fouled out of this game. If we want to be able to compete this season we need to be a bit more disciplined. That being said the officiating was not very consistent and hurt both teams.

There are probably a few other things they could improve on but thats all I could thing off of the top of my head. All in all it was a solid game despite the lose and was much better than I was expecting for our first D1 game!
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