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Heath has asked for a full conference inquiry on the worst call made by a ref in SEC hoops history... maybe even NCAA history for this one.

Mike Jones, with 1.8 seconds left, hits a 3 to win the game. Both feet are clearly behind the 3 pt. line. The officials somehow, minutes after UA is celebrating the win, call them back and tell them it was a 2 pointer and that they'd play overtime. :bang: . An emotionally shocked UA team fell in overtime 66-63 to LSU.

It's bad when refs make calls that can cost teams games. This one actually DID cost a game. The clock read 0.0 and UA had won 59-58. What makes it worse, even though video replay shows SEC referee John Hampton giving a 3 to UA, Hampton told the SEC he "never signaled a 3". TOTAL BS LIE THAT WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE!

This is outrageous beyond belief. ECU might just get their slot after all, cause we'll go to the Big 12 if this s-h-i-t continues
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