Full Version: Mukubu
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Is he pretty good?


Go Blazers!
Mukubu played sparingly for UA.. he's a pretty good athlete that should fit well into Mike Anderson's system, as he doesn't tire much and can run all over the court. Mukubu isn't much of a shooter though; he isn't great from the FT line and most of his points at UA were breakaway layups, and Coach Heath wasn't happy with his intensity level, as he thought Wenbos should've played a lot harder at times. Maybe a fresh start will do him well... you guys will find out.
I think he'll be a good get. He seems like a bigtime athlete... Mike Anderson will make him shoot hundreds of free throws if he's having trouble in that area of his game. I think he'll have a chance to really develop at UAB... too many players to compete against at Arkansas for playing time probably was a factor as well.
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