Full Version: Herring is laying into our D
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Word all over is spreading about Reggie Herring, UA's new defensive coordinator.

Herring comes from NC State, where last year's Wolfpack D was ranked #1 in the country. Their best game of the season was an upset over Virginia Tech in which VT had SIX yards of offense after 3 quaters.. they completely shut Bryan Randall down!

Herring came to UA saying that if any of our players think they are fast, tackle hard, or play tough.. they aren't fast, strong, or tough enough. Nicknamed "The Drill Sargeant" at NC State for his extreme intensity on and off the field, this is a guy who makes his players stand in front of the team and admit they let the team down if they slack up on ONE play.

Anyways, the hot story today is one of our defensive ends was walking in the Broyles Center when Coach Herring stopped him and immediately asked him to get in a defensive stance. When the player got into his stance, Herring told the player his stance was WRONG and launched into a butt-chewing that was heard throughout the whole complex. Among the things that can be told on here (it was quite profanity-laced) was that a girl could push him over with that stance, that he'd NEVER play at Arkansas if he didn't shape up, and that this fall he would be a fighter whether he liked it or not.

We need more guys like Coach Herring. Let's hope he whips that D into shape FAST.

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